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photos debs & colin.jpg (14050 bytes) Beauty & the Beast -
June 2000
Colin and Debs have been together since January 1999. And, as all can see, the partnership has done nothing to change Colin's shy, retiring and introverted nature.
photos Faversham FC March 2001.jpg (19049 bytes) Faversham Folk Club - 
28 March 2001

On the 28th March 2001 Colin made a guest appearance in a folk club for the first time in nigh on fifteen years. He describes the experience as 'exhilarating'. Well - fear is fairly exhilarating isn't it. In fact he thoroughly enjoyed it.
For the evening he dug out many of his old songs such as 'Madmen Of Gotham', 'Sad And Lonely Clown', 'Lady Lovibond' and 'The Wedding At Stanton Drew' as well as newer songs from the 'No Choice For A Beggar' album like 'The Old King's Lament', 'Barney', 'Hold Me In Your Arms' and 'Preacher Ring The Bell'.

photos hole in the wall colin drew debs.jpg (41196 bytes) 'Take that picture and you'll be wearing this drink' - 
The Hole In The Wall, Torquay -
 28 September 2001
Colin, Drew Millin and Debs at Colin's after hours birthday celebration in Torquay's oldest pub.
The cameraman didn't end up wearing the drink - Colin remembered there was a large vodka in it.
photos laugh or what.JPG (32011 bytes) Laugh or what !!!
The Snooty Fox, St Marychurch, Torquay -
 3 November 2001

Any visit to Torquay by the one and only Dave Bubb always resulted in much golf, gin, vodka, laughing and falling over.  Here we see Colin and Dave at the laughing stage. Always regarded by Colin as a brother, sadly Dave died of lung cancer in January 2003.  This picture shows the influence Dave had on pretty much everyone he came in contact with.   Back to the top

photos andy in the bath.JPG (55637 bytes) The one, the only - Andy Green -
February 2002
A complete one off.  The irreplaceable Andy Green is another of Colin's adopted brothers.  This guy doesn't have a malicious bone in his body.  His only fault is that he will insist on leaping in the bath five minutes before it's time to leave for the pub.  Here he is pleading his innocence with the immortal words "Sorry! - er I've just got to..... right! I'll only be.... erm! Just coming - oooer! Sorry"  If you're worried about clicking on the thumbnail, don't worry.  The X maintains his modesty.  It only took a little X anyway.
photos jd tour collage.JPG (143544 bytes) Jim Davidson 25th Anniversary Tour
March to April 2002

Early in March 2002 Colin set off on a nationwide tour of Britain with the Jim Davidson 25th Anniversary Tour. There being too many pictures to include on one page, we thought it best to put them all in a collage for you to view at your leisure.

photos slaughterhouse live 2002.jpg (62455 bytes) Slaughterhouse Live 2002 -
The Brook Theatre, Chatham, Kent
26 May 2002

In May 2002 Ian Cutler took on his most ambitious project to date.  A live performance of his album 'Slaughterhouse'.  The concert took place at The Brook Theatre, Chatham Kent and featured no fewer than 15 live musicians and 1 Irish dancer.  It was a huge success and spawned the idea of repeating it on an annual basis. 
Once again, there being too many pics to include on this page, here is a collage.  For more pics and a full line up of those who took part you can always go to Ian's website by clicking

photos jim falklands day.jpg (36918 bytes) Jim Davidson - The Polo Field, HMS Sultan, Gosport, Hampshire - 
15 June 2002
Jim Davidson's affection and charity work for the British armed services is well known and on the 15 June 2002, Jim led an open air charity day to commemorate and honour those lost during the Falklands conflict 20 years earlier.
The old band from the previous tour including Colin, Smudger, Rick Price and Allan Rogers was reassembled for the day.
photos Dave stag night.jpg (34170 bytes) Dave Bubb's
Wedding Day -

23 November 2002
As reported earlier on this page Colin's old mate Dave was diagnosed with a cancer on the lung around August 2002 and died on 7th January 2003.
On 23 November 2002 he married his lovely Claire.  Here are a couple of pics of the occasion, starting with the stag night.
photos Dave & Girls.jpg (35707 bytes) Dave Bubb's
Wedding Day -
23 November 2002

Dave with two of the loves of his life.  Damien and Sue Aked's two girls Jodie and Kristie. 

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photos alan mum and colin.jpg (49266 bytes) First time in 34 years - 
24 January 2003

We haven't had a picture of the surviving members of Colin's immediate family in these pages yet.  So, to put that right here is a snap of Colin, his mum (Muriel) and his brother Alan outside the family home in Mitcham, Surrey.  Alan lives in the NE of England (Newcastle) and Colin lives in the SW of England (Torquay), so, needless to say, the opportunities for a 'get together' are rare.  Although they all see each other at various individual times of the year, this was the first time the two 'boys' had been together with their mother, at the house where they grew up, since their father's funeral almost 34 years earlier.

photos dad and boys.jpg (46852 bytes) And while we're honouring the parents.....

Here's a pic of the two boys with their dad taken many, many moons earlier.  Happily, Colin didn't inherit the 'Old Man's' legs. 

photos BWB reunion Faversham FC.jpg (61346 bytes) Bully Wee Band Reunion
9 April 2003.

In April Colin and Ian Cutler took a visit to Faversham Folk Club in Kent to surprise their old Bully Wee Band mate Fergus Feely.  Fergus was booked at the club along with Irish singer songwriter Sean Tyrrell. 
When the organisers of the club asked Colin and Ian to do a small support spot, it would appear that Fergus found temptation too much and couldn't resist jamming in with them.

The result was virtually a standing ovation from the Faversham audience and three ex-Bully Wees unable to wipe the smiles from their faces for over a week.
Pictures of the resulting reunion tour are further down the page.

photos JD Band Luton airport.jpg (36987 bytes) Jim Davidson's Band
Luton Airport -
15 May 2003

In May 2003 Jim Davidson called together his old touring band to appear on a one-off TV special coming from Glasgow.  This is a photo of the band (minus Colin who took the pic) just landed at Luton Airport.
From left to right are Allan Rogers, Rick Price, Lisa Faye, Yona Dunsford and John 'Smudger' Smith.

photos slaughterhouse live 2003.jpg (25653 bytes) Slaughterhouse Live 2003 -
The Brook Theatre, Chatham, Kent
19 June 2003

Once again, on the 19th June 2003, The Slaughterhouse Band, led by Ian Cutler, gave a magnificent performance at The Brook Theatre in Chatham Kent.
From left to right: Guido Rincon, Valerie Cutler, Martin Vincent, Carlton Hunt, Ian Cutler, Mike Peters and Colin Reece.

photos Yardley & Reece.jpg (50271 bytes) Yardley & Reece
The Hole Inn The Wall, Torquay -
July 2003
2003 has turned out to be a year of reunions.  Sixteen years after their last meeting in 1987, Colin's old Bully Wee buddy Jim Yardley finally paid a visit to Colin in Torquay from his home in Norway.
Colin and Jim's friendship goes way back to 1963 when they took their first musical steps together via The Spectrum and then formed the very first Bully Wee in 1970/71 with Jim's brother John.
A vow was made not to allow another 16 years to go by til the next meeting.  Read on and find it wasn't.
photos FORE.jpg (47872 bytes) FORE!!! -
Dartmouth Golf Club -
17 September 2003
It hasn't been mentioned yet that one of the small pleasures to enter Colin's life in recent years is the game of golf.  Not exactly a scratch player, in fact when asked his handicap, Colin usually replies "My swing", but nevertheless many an enjoyable day is spent chasing that annoying little bastard of a ball up and down the fairways.
From left to right here is Drew Millin, Colin, Andy Stubbs and Col Williams.

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photos BW 2004.jpg (34433 bytes) The Bully Wee Band 2004
Brook Theatre, Chatham -
January 2004

The long awaited Bully Wee Band reunion tour featuring from left to right Ian Cutler, Colin Reece and Fergus Feely finally got under way at The Brook Theatre, Chatham, Kent in January 2004.  The tour was a resounding success, enjoyed by audiences and band members alike.
To see a few more pictures of this tour you can go to the Bully Wee Band website photos page for 2004 by clicking

photos prague.jpg (45935 bytes)  Colin & Debs - Charles Bridge, Prague - 31 January 2004

Far be it from us to announce that in December 2003, Colin's long term fiddle playing partner Ian Cutler turned 50.  Ian obviously felt so secretive about this fact that he assumed it necessary to hold his celebrations as far away as Prague in The Czech Republic.  There are many more pictures of the celebrations in that beautiful city on Ian's website.  Well worth a visit.  (Both to the website and the city)

photos sweeps 2004.JPG (51810 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2004 -
Jolly Knight, Rochester -
May 2004.

For the first time Colin took his Jim Davidson Band partner Smudger to the Rochester Sweeps Festival.    Also with them for the evening session were Ian Cutler (a joy to have Ian & Smudger playing together),  from Shave The Monkey was Guido Rincon on keyboards, Nigel Feist from the LA Doors and pictured here Mike Peters from the Hot Rats.  

photos Drew.jpg (58926 bytes) Drew Millin's 25th Anniversary Concert -
Babbacombe Theatre -
10th October 2004

On the 10th October 2004 Colin's buddy and neighbour put on a concert at the Babbacombe Theatre, Babbacombe to celebrate his 25 years as a musician in Torbay.  The concert was a virtual sell out and described by the local press as an absolute triumph, featuring a diverse selection of songs ranging from Marvin Gaye to Queen and Paul Simon to Poco.
For the record Drew's band consisted of Paul Matthews; keyboards & piano: John 'Smudger' Smith; guitar, fiddle & mandolin: Nigel Pike; bass: Jamie Darling; drums: Colin Reece; vocals, mandolin & guitar: Karen Taylor; vocals & percussion: Roger Morten; vocals & flute.

photos Colin & Karen.jpg (27789 bytes) Drew Millin's 25th Anniversary Concert -
Babbacombe Theatre -
10th October 2004

Drew's support for the concert were local duo Mozer (featuring Adam & Brett Morten) and Torbay's very own Karen Taylor.  Karen gave her usual impeccable performance with her jazz/blues band, but as a closing number chose to bring on Colin to accompany her with an acoustic version of the Eleanor McAvoy classic 'Only A Woman's Heart'.

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photos BWB 2005.jpg (45347 bytes) The Bully Wee Band 2005
Brook Theatre, Chatham -
20 January 2005

One year after Colin Reece, Ian Cutler and Fergus Feely embarked on their Bully Wee Band 2004 reunion tour, they decided to repeat the experience.  This time with the addition of original Bully Wee founder Jim Yardley.  The inclusion of Jim closed what little gaps the previous tour may have shown.  The general consensus being that the band now felt complete
To see a few more pictures of this tour you can go to the Bully Wee Band website photos page for 2005 by clicking

photos Ian & Phil.jpg (44088 bytes) Slaughterhouse 2005 Concert No.1
The Pavilion Theatre, Broadstairs - 23rd April 2005

Through popular demand Ian Cutler has decided that, in 2005, he will host not one but two Slaughterhouse concerts.  The first of these was held at 'The Pav' in Broadstairs, Kent.  The band consisted of the usual team of reprobates except that, on this occasion, Martin Vincent, who had previous commitments, was replaced by the one and only John 'Smudger' Smith on guitar.  Here we see a pic of Ian and Phil Burkin during rehearsals.

photos sweeps 2005.jpg (42804 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2005 -
Kings Head, Rochester -
May 2005

Once again the annual May Day weekend celebrations of the Rochester Sweeps Festival got under way for Colin in the bar of The King's Head Hotel.  Billed as 'Colin Reece and Friends' it was a great night made all the greater by the 'Friends' that turned up.  From left to right: Smudger on mandolin and guitars, Colin, Mick Peters on bass, Ian Cutler on violin and, from Shave The Monkey,  Guido Rincon on Keyboards and various stringy things.

photos BWB In Guernsey.jpg (27814 bytes) The Bully Wee Band - Guernsey - 4-6th July 2005

News of the reformed Bully Wee Band is spreading and they were asked to perform in July at The Guernsey Sea Festival.  The weather wasn't too good but they braved the elements long enough to pose for this harbourside shot.

photos Broadstairs 2005.jpg (29827 bytes) Broadstairs Folk Week - Kent - 10 August 2005

The second week in August 2005 saw Colin return to the Broadstairs Folk Week as a booked artiste for the first time in about 18 years.  For the two days he was there Colin was booked to appear with fellow Bully Wee Band man Ian Cutler, but they were joined on the first day by Ian's fellow Hot Rat Mike Peters on bass.  Here they appear to be trying to either chase away rain clouds or seagull poo.  We're not quite sure which.

photos Drew Millin concert 2005.JPG (22760 bytes) Drew Millin's Annual Babbacombe Theatre Concert -
2nd October 2005
A year on from his 25th anniversary Babbacombe Theatre Concert, local Torbay icon Drew Millin decided to throw his 26th anniversary Babbacombe Theatre Concert.  More than ably assisted by the cream of the Torbay music scene, Drew once again managed to pull off what can only be described as a triumph.
Here we see the full band, from left to right: Paul Matthews; keyboards & piano, Nigel Pike; Bass, Drew Millin; Vocals & Guitar, Jamie Darling; Drums & Vocals, Smudger; Guitar, Mandolin & Fiddle, Colin Reece; Guitar, Mandolin, Drums, Percussion and Vocals, Rhiannon; Vocals & Percussion and Roger Morton; Guitar, Flute & Vocals.
photos Colin & Smudger Babbacombe 2005.JPG (11921 bytes) Drew Millin's Annual Babbacombe Theatre Concert -
2nd October 2005
Drew asked Colin to help out by opening the show. And, of course, Colin was happy to oblige.  Treating the audience to some of his self-penned songs including 'The Wedding At Stanton Drew', 'Sad And Lonely Clown' and 'Lady Lovibond'.  He was joined for 'Lady Lovibond' by the ever popular Smudger on mandolin.

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photos BWB 2006.JPG (34464 bytes) The Bully Wee Band 2006
Brook Theatre, Chatham -
19 January 2006
And off they went again.  Once again The reunited Bully Wee Band set off on its annual tour of the south of England.  Sounding tighter than ever, the band have now decided that once a year is not enough and are already planning mini tours around June and September.
To see a few more pictures of this tour you can go to the Bully Wee Band website photos page for 2006 by clicking
photos Five Bully Wees.jpg (49230 bytes) Five Bully Wees
Horsham Folk Club -
22 January 2006
These reunion tours always bring people out of the woodwork, but there can't have been a more thrilling moment than when Jim's brother John walked into the room at Horsham.  John was a founder member of Bully Wee along with brother Jim way back in 1970.  He left the band, to be replaced by Colin, in 1979 and, with the exception of Jim of course, none of us had seen him for, we reckon, about 23 years.
Good to see you again old friend.  Any chance you could let the ageing process get to you like the rest of us? 
From the left Ian Cutler, Jim Yardley, Colin Reece, John Yardley and Fergus Feely.
photos Sweeps 2006.JPG (33905 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2006 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
30 April 2006
The annual pilgrimage to The Rochester Sweeps Festival took place in late April rather than early May this year resulting in Colin regrettably having to miss out the usual Saturday night session in The King's Head.  Apologies to anyone who turned up on Saturday and were disappointed, it'll be back to normal next year.
The Sunday session outside at the Jolly Knight was, however, as lively as ever,  and included a visit from an old friend from Colin's Brewery Folk Club days, Jezreels Ceilidh Band's Steve Moreham (inset in the picture) on violin.
Steve always adds a beautiful melodic touch to everything he plays on.  A supreme pleasure as always.
The evening took events indoors with a slightly more 'sweaty' atmosphere.  The band consisted of, from the left, Nigel Feist (harmonica, blues harp, gob-iron whatever you want to call it), Ian Cutler (electric violin, fiddle, superb scrapings and extended freakiness in Orange Blossom Special), Colin (vocals, guitar, large vodkas and end of night voice croakings), Mike Peters (bass, yawning, farting but we forgive him all of that cos he provided the PA) and Smudger (electric guitar, mandolin, roll ups and 16 pints of Spitfire).
photos Slaughterhouse 2006.JPG (75735 bytes) The Slaughterhouse Band
Brook Theatre, Chatham -
22 June 2006
On 22 June 2006 The Brook Theatre, Chatham, Kent was host, possibly for the last time, to Ian Cutler's Slaughterhouse Live Concert. A great night once again.  Here is a collage of those who took part.  Clockwise from the top left; Martin Vincent - guitar, Carlton Hunt - drums, Mike Peters - bass and vocals, Colin Reece - guitar and vocals, Phil Burkin - banjo, spoons and vocals, Nigel Feist - harmonica, Guido Rincon - keyboards, lots of stringy things and vocals, Doug Hudson - guitar and vocals and of course, in the centre, Ian Cutler - Bridge Aquila violins.

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photos BWB 2007.jpg (85088 bytes) The Bully Wee Band 2007
We really haven't changed that much in the last year and not bought many new clothes either.  So rather than put on a load of pics that look exactly like last year, here's a simple collage of a few of them.
To see a few more pictures of this tour you can go to the Bully Wee Band website photos page for 2007 by clicking
photos Colin & Smudger Moore or less FC 2007.JPG (26422 bytes) Colin & Smudger - Moore or Less Folk Club
9 March 2007
On 9th March 2007 The Moore or Less Folk Club in Gillingham, Kent celebrated their 28th birthday, and invited Colin and Smudger to guest for the night.
photos Sweeps 2007 Colin & Friends.jpg (108481 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2007 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
6 May 2007
The annual blast at Ye Arrow in Rochester, this year, involved from the left Smudger, Colin, Ian Cutler and Mike Peters.  Taking the photo was Colin's old partner from the '80s Royal Vic & Bull days Steve Shorey.  Steve joined Colin during the Sunday night session to revive their versions of 'Cocaine' & 'Sultans Of Swing'.  A brief clip of which can be found on You Tube by clicking on this link.  Colin was joined for the Saturday evening session by ex-Shave The Monkey Guido Rincon and the south's best spoons-man Phil Burkin.  The Sunday afternoon session featured  old fiddle buddy Steve Moreham.
To see another You Tube clip of the band in full flight on a set of American tunes click
photos Sweeps 2007 Colin & Steve Moreham.JPG (63093 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2007 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
6 May 2007
As already mentioned, the Sunday afternoon session featured Steve Moreham from the Jezreels Ceilidh Band.  Colin and Steve go way back to the days of The Wish It Was A Brewery Folk Club, so between songs there's always a lot to chat and laugh about as we can see here.
photos Sweeps 2007 Smudger & tea.JPG (70003 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2007 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
6 May 2007
Here's proof that any rumours that Smudger may have given up drinking are entirely false.  It just doesn't involve a great deal of alcohol that's all.
photos Sweeps 2007 Mick & tea.JPG (47960 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2007 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
6 May 2007
Wow!  Looks like it's catching.  Tea for two anyone?
photos Sweeps 2007 Mick dropped off.JPG (101987 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2007 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
6 May 2007
Maybe we should have given him coffee.
Sweeps Festival 2007 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
6 May 2007
A You Tube clip taken by Steve Shorey of Colin, Smudger, Ian and Mick playing what they call 'The Americans'
photos Sweeps 2007 Colin & Smudger.jpg (78797 bytes) Sweeps Festival 2007 -
Ye Arrow, Rochester -
6 May 2007
Believe it or not there was actually time to relax.  Here are Colin and Smudger doing just that.
Colin's 60th Birthday Celebrations On the 28th September 2007 Colin hit the magical milestone of 60 years on this Earth.  There are far too many photos to include on this page so click here to be taken to the special 60th birthday page.

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Valerie Cutler's 50th Birthday Celebrations - Val On the 20th April 2008 a select few set off from the South East corner of good old England, through the channel tunnel to congregate in Calais in celebration of  Valerie Cutler's 50th birthday.  Colin has known Val for pretty much as long as he's known her brother Ian, so the celebration was not to be missed.  Besides, any excuse for a piss up!
Valerie Cutler's 50th Birthday Celebrations - Val & Ian  Big Bro and Little Sis.
Valerie Cutler's 50th Birthday Celebrations - The Bad Boys' Table Colin and Debs feeling cuddly, Nicole as glamorous as ever, Dougie clearly not feeling well and, at the back, Mick Peters who, we must report  forgot one minor detail concerning checking into his hotel before the celebrations began.  Imagine his surprise to find, when he turned up at somewhere around 2.00am, that there was no-one there to provide him with a key or any access to a room!!!  Most of us had gone to bed by this time, so dear Mick spent the night on a bench, alongside the 'dossers' in Calais Railway Station.  We've never regarded Mick as a 'dosser', but there are occasions when a word that rhymes with that sometimes springs to mind.

There are times when a songwriter is so moved by a situation that it just has to be documented in words and music. Here is Colin's dedication to Mike Peters and his night of 20th April 2008.  Please click here.

Churston Golf Club - Roy Castle Charity Golf Day - 6 June 2008 In aid of the Roy Castle Lung Cancer Foundation.  A great day's golf arranged by Dave Jones of The Hole In The Wall and Prof. Ray Donnelly, the charity's founder.  This team of, from the left, Phil Lyons  (handicap - 4), Drew Millin (handicap - his height), Colin Reece (handicap - his swing) and Dean Winters (handicap - his jokes and being smaller than Drew), sent no great tremors through the golf world on this day, but they did manage to pick one of the few sunny days of this summer to help raise over £3000 for the charity.
Like You've Never Been Gone - The Hole In The Wall - 3 July 2008  As many already know our own lovely Karen Taylor left Old Blighty back in 2006, moved across the water to the US of A and became Karen Hunter by marrying Lou Reed's guitarist Steve Hunter.  Early in July she came back for a short visit and stayed with Colin and Debs for a couple of days. Taking time to drop in at the Hole in The Wall for Colin's regular gig and join him for a song or two. To catch up on Karen, take a trip to her My Space site by clicking here.
Broadstairs Folk Week - Concert Marquee - 13 August 2008  A one-off get together for the Bully Wee Band at Broadstairs Folk Week in Kent. For more pics of the event visit the band's website by clicking here.
The Steve Laister Show - Palace Theatre, Paignton & Playhouse Theatre, Weston Super Mare - 23 & 24 August 2008 it was a  return to the role played so well and for so long with Jim Davidson, when Colin & Smudger joined comedian Steve Laister for two of his Summer Specials.  Colin and Steve have known each other for some 20 years or so, but this was the first time they'd ever worked together.  An absolute joy, a laugh to boot, and an experience both are keen to repeat before too long.
The Steve Laister Show - Playhouse Theatre, Weston Super Mare - 24 August 2008 Colin paying more attention to Steve Laister's fiancée Lindsey Collard than the song Handbags and Gladrags which he was supposed to be singing at the time.  Fine vocalist Lindsey was Steve's first half support, along with comedian Kev Duncan, and joined the band on backing vocals for the second half.  We'll give you a frontal shot of Lindsey just as soon as we can get some stills of the DVD Steve is to release soon.  We can assure you it's worth it.
Kay Burkin's Memorial Celebration - Wrotham Village Hall, Kent - 15 November 2008  Sadly in May 2008 we lost our beloved friend Kay Burkin after her long battle with cancer.  Kay was well know and loved around the Kentish folk scene as one half, along with her husband Phil, of the duo Vulcan's Hammer.  Phil decided to host a memorial evening for Kay around the time of her birthday (14th November).  He invited many performers from Kay's past to contribute to the evening, so Colin teamed up with his old partner from the 80s Steve Shorey.  Click on the pic on the left to see a You Tube clip from Jane Shorey's phone of Colin and Steve and Lay Down Sally.
Kay Burkin's Memorial Celebration - Wrotham Village Hall, Kent - 15 November 2008 And here is the show stopper Sultans Of Swing from the same night.  Shame Jane didn't get the standing ovation Steve earned from his blinding guitar work.
Kay was very much missed on the night, but a sad night it wasn't.  A lot of laughs, a lot of great singing from Harley Morris and just the sort of night Kay would have enjoyed.

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The Bully Wee Band 2009 During the January tour this year the band took time out for a photo call.  This chosen photo is based on the publicity pic they used in 1981 when Maartin Allcock joined the band.  To see the original click here.
To see a few more pictures of this tour you can go to the Bully Wee Band website photos page for 2009 by clicking
Hana Feely De Juan - born
26 March 2009

On 26 March 2009 Colin's Bully Wee Band partner Fergus sent a text to announce that his lady Irina had given birth to their daughter Hana Feely De Juan.  Both Fergus and Irina's first. 
Two cool dudes eh?
Love and congrats to them both.
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The King's Head, Rochester -
2 May 2009
After taking a year out from the Rochester Sweeps Festival, Colin made a triumphant return to the home of the Brewery Folk Club at the King's Head, Rochester, for a lunchtime session with Smudger, Mike Peters, Phil Burkin and his old partner from the 80s days at the Bull in Rochester, Steve Shorey.  They were also joined for a couple of numbers by Bully Wee Band partner Ian Cutler.
Jon Cunningham, Steve Moreham and Colin Reece
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
A concert which was introduced last year at the 2008 Festival, the Retro Concert this year was themed around the Wish It Was A Brewery Folk Club, which reigned supreme in Rochester from 1976 to 1985.  Colin hosted the club every Friday until August 1979 when he rejoined the Bully Wee Band.  Two of the major residents at the club were Jon Cunningham and Steve Moreham who reunited specially for this concert to give the packed audience a reminder of the superb quality Jon's voice and song-writing and Steve's tasteful violin playing.  Colin joined them on stage for their last three songs.  Here they are preparing for Jon's 'Lost Without A War'
Bill Vincent & Colin Reece
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
The show was hosted by the guy who, with Colin, kicked off the Brewery Folk Club all those years ago, Bill Vincent.  The club would never have been the success it was without Bill's extremely adventurous booking policy and credit has to go to him for that.  He is now a drum & bass DJ based in Peterborough and very rarely sets foot inside a Folk Club.  However, that doesn't make him any less important in the history of the Medway Folk scene.  This was the first time he and Colin had been on stage together for well over 25 years.  He said at the time, "I haven't been in a Folk Club for over 25 years and even then I never appeared on stage.  I used to book the acts, I was never a compere --- What am I doing here?"
Colin Reece
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
Colin helping Jon out with 'Rise Up'.
Colin Reece
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
Colin trying to hit the top note at the end of Jon's 'Rise Up'.
Jon Cunningham
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
Jon wincing at Colin's attempt at hitting the top note at the end of  'Rise Up'.

By the way if you want to see a photo of Jon from the 'old days' just click here.

Steve Moreham
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
Steve looking slightly bemused at Colin's attempt at hitting the top note at the end of  'Rise Up'.
Steve Moreham & Colin
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
Both Steve and Colin looking fairly happy that they both survived Colin's attempt at hitting the top note at the end of  'Rise Up'.
The Colin Reece Band
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
For Colin's final spot he was joined by his faithful friends Steve Shorey on guitar, Mike Peters on bass and Phil Burkin on percussion.  Jon Cunningham joined the ensemble for Colin's song 'Lady Lovibond'
Opening the whole concert was one of the original Brewery Folk Club members Paul Carr, who sang a selection of his original songs.  We don't have any pics of Paul from the day as yet, but as soon as we do, we put one up.
Paul Carr & Reece Taylor
Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
Opening the whole concert was one of the original Brewery Folk Club members Paul Carr, who sang a selection of his original songs with superb guitarist Reece Taylor on electric guitar.
Paul Carr, Reece Taylor
& Colin

Rochester Sweeps Festival 2009 -
The Retro Concert, Gordon Hotel Marquee -
2 May 2009
Colin joined Paul and Reece to harmonise on the Sean McCarthy song Step It Out Mary.
Cahoots -
Babbacombe  -
28 June 2009
Cahoots are a mainly acoustic band consisting left to right Colin Reece on vocals, guitar and octave mandolin, Drew Millin on vocals and guitar and Smudger on guitar, mandolin, fiddle and vocals.  This picture was taken during a one day music festival on Babbacombe Downs in Devon.  Click here for a You Tube clip of the band performing 'Here Come The Sun' by The Beatles.
Visionary Dictionary Last Day on the Prom -
Princess Gardens, Torquay  -
12 July 2009
Steve Laister, the front man for the renowned information site Visionary Dictionary, organised an impromptu concert on the Torquay promenade as compensation for those who suffered disappointment at the cancellation of the annual Cockington Proms which for seemingly financial reasons was cancelled this year.  Organised in about five days with no license being obtained, the whole thing could have been, but wasn't, closed down at any time.  It attracted something in the region of 1000 people to a small area of Torquay seafront and the authorities stood to one side and allowed a magnificent day of music and entertainment, featuring many of Torbay's leading musicians and performers, to go ahead.  Here we see Colin with David 'Rudgie' Rudge on harmonica.
Karen Hunter's Visit - The Hole In The Wall - 17 September 2009 Colin & Debs' close pal Karen Hunter paid another visit back home from America and a dinner celebration was held at the Hole In The Wall, Torquay to give her a chance to meet many of the friends she has made on Visionary Dictionary since her last visit to these shores.
Fergus & Hana Feely - Barcelona - 26 September 2009 On 26th September Colin & Debs took a visit to Barcelona to meet up with Bully Wee Band partner Fergus Feely.  Fergus's partner Irina comes originally from Barcelona and the Feely De Juans often take a trip over from Ireland to visit Irina's family.  The two trips were deliberately made to coincide to give Colin & Debs a chance to see the latest of the Feely clan Hana.
Dinner in Barcelona - 27 September 2009 A delicious dinner at the brandies stage.  From the left Colin (feeling the tension), Fergus (feeling the bottle), Irina (feeling happy), Irina's friend Maria (?) and Debs (eyeing up the Spanish waiter)
Concert for Jacqui Taylor - The Palace Theatre, Paignton - 31 January 2010 Colin singing the Karen Hunter/Tony Walker song Hold Me In Your Arms with the lovely Lindsey Collard during a concert put on to raise money to send a friend's friend Jacqui Taylor to America to receive treatment for her bowel and liver cancer.  Sadly Jacqui lost her fight just over two months later on 9th April.  Also in the picture is the equally lovely Rick Price, who is now officially a Rocking Berry, on bass.
The Bully Wee Band January Tour 2010 - Dartford Folk Club - 26 January 2010 Mr Cutler in a jovial mood.
The Bully Wee Band January Tour 2010 - Dartford Folk Club - 26 January 2010 Mr Reece also in a jovial mood.
The Bully Wee Band January Tour 2010 - Dartford Folk Club - 26 January 2010 Mr Yardley in a puzzled mood.
The Bully Wee Band January Tour 2010 - Dartford Folk Club - 26 January 2010 Mr Feely in a relaxed mood.
Cahoots as the Mersey Boys - Hole in the Wall, Torquay - 8th February 2010 A special one-off night at the Hole in the Wall to celebrate the music of the Merseybeat era.  From the left is Drew Millin, Colin and Smudger.  Also in the band but out of shot were Nigel Pike on bass, Roger Morten on vocals, Lindsey Collard also on vocals and David 'Rudgey' Rudge on vocals and gob iron.  I think they were actually singing Johnny B Goode here.  Note Drew still needed to read off the chords.
Lady in Red - Hole in the Wall, Torquay
April 2010
Singing with the lovely Lindsey Collard.  Always a pleasure.



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