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Some of Colin's mates
And things about which he is passionate


bands & musos
The Barge Fantastic music pub in Gillingham, Kent.  The scene of much good roots music on Monday nights and the scene of Colin's 60th birthday bash on 29th September 2007.
Bully Wee Band You only have to glance through Colin's history to know what this band means to him.  Reunited in 2004 after over 20 years, they have had no trouble in proving that they are still a force to be reckoned with as one of Britain’s foremost exponents of acoustic folk/rock music.
Celtic Star Based in Germany, the makers of Colin's Octave Mandolin.  Beautiful instruments and very easy people to deal with.
Cornerboys Irish/Scottish band based in Norway (confused?).  This band features Colin's long time buddy and Bully Wee Band partner Jim Yardley.  So they must be good!
Doug Hudson Kent based singist/comedian/writer/agent/nude radio commentator/clothed football commentator and money lender.

Flaxey Green

Excellent site with all sorts of information regarding folk music and dance in and around Devon.

Guido Rincon Ex-Shave The Monkey, ex-Slaughterhouse Band, all round instrumentalist, all round nice guy and in general all round.
Harberton Folk Another excellent site with yet more information regarding folk music and dance in and around Devon.
Hot Rats Kent based band featuring Doug Hudson, Ian Cutler and Mike Peters
Ian Cutler Simply the greatest fiddle player in the country

Ian Petrie

Big man, big voice.  Been around the Kent music scene forever.  His band includes Colin's old partner Steve Shorey and Kent's number one accordionist Ted Handley from Triality.
Bully Wee Band member from 1981 to 1983, Ex-Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull and WAZ. Currently with Swarb's Lazarus.  Is there a band he hasn't been in??
Paul Townsend Colin's hang-out buddy on many a Jim Davidson tour and beyond.  He hales from the Planet Pa-hweeeeeyetstapyule and is simply the besstest bassist in the cosmos.  On one occasion when Colin played a very rare bum note he was heard to say "Hmmm - interesting.  A Bb diminished 13th with a flattened 5th"  -  Flash git.
links triality.jpg (60944 bytes) Triality Three brothers from Kent, Ted (accordion), Charlie (trumpet) & Dave (bass). Been around the Kent folk scene for decades.  Ted now midis his accordion up to a sound module, so for most of the time it sounds like anything other than an accordion.  Charlie's trumpet sounds like a ......... well it still sounds like a trumpet really!!
Price & Lee Husband and wife team Diane Lee and Rick Price. Diane will be remembered as one half of the hit duo Peters and Lee and Rick is ex of The Move  and noted for leaping around in a blue lamé suit as bassman in Roy Wood's Wizzard.
Legendary American guitarist who has worked with such notables as Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Meat Loaf, Tracy Chapman and Lou Reed.  From a more personal angle he is now the husband of our own Karen Taylor (see above).  Look after her Steve.  We hope she's as precious to you as she is to us.
Colin's old partner from The Royal Victoria And Bull days in Rochester, Kent.
Still playing it like it should be, Steve is now with the Big Ian Petrie Band.
Dave Rickard and Rob Mitchell.
Old mates of Colin's from his Kentish days. Rob plays flute, whistles and clarinet and Dave plays guitar, piano and keyboards.


fab people and other stuff
David Lowe Rich voiced journalist and broadcaster. Based in Torquay, Devon, but Colin and he go way way way way back before either of them moved to Devon.
Dave Morris
Action Sports
Great fun site with loads of stuff on lunatic action sports like sky diving and wing walking only a nutter like Dave Morris could be involved in.
Jim Davidson Does anyone really need an introduction to this manI started working with him way back in 1987 and whenever he takes music on the road with him, he never forgets me.  I'm happy to list him as a mate as well as a colleague.
Noddleit.com A fab social networking and blog site.  Post your creations, opinions and just about anything you like.  It's gonna take over from Facebook one day
The Prophet
by Kahlil Gibran
Just go to this site and learn
Torbay Electronics The best electronics wizard in the South West.  Leads, jacks, speakers, keyboards, ancient mini-disc players.  Anything that goes wrong with these and more, John will get it fixed.


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