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You Tube videos





Originally from London, Colin Reece is one of the founder members of top folk/rock outfit the Bully Wee Band, as well as one of the musical mainstays for comedian Jim Davidson whenever Jim decides to take music on the road.

     He now occupies himself writing and gigging in England's West Country, enjoying the supposed quieter side of life, whilst awaiting the next outing with either Jim or the Bully Wee Band.

     The following pages include examples of his work, with a brief history and links to some of the people who have made him the performer he is today.


Below are some You Tube videos both of Colin solo and with the Bully Wee Band.

To watch the videos in full size
go to the bottom right of the link
and click watch on You Tube.
Please feel free to view, leave your
comments and enjoy.


                            You Tube videos
                                      Colin Reece solo

                  Barney                     Southern Counties

                                       The Rich, The Poor and
                                Those That Want More


                            You Tube videos
                                      Colin Reece with
                                    The Bully Wee Band

           Strike the Gay Harp                       The Snows
       and The Blarney Pilgrim          They Melt the Soonest




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