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Rochester Dickens festival
June 1980
Outside the King's Head Hotel during the Rochester Dickens Festival.
photos world trade centre.JPG (28883 bytes) NY World Trade Centre
Sept 1980
Colin during the Bully Wee Band's 1980 tour of America, with a view of New York, tragically never to be seen again..
photos BW & Royals.JPG (23814 bytes) The Bully Wee Band -
Exeter University February 1981

From the left Ian Cutler, Deborah Queen; an American friend of the band's, Colin Reece, Fergus Feely, from Norway Jim Yardley's future wife Berit and Jim Yardley.
Shortly after this tour Jim decided he wanted to settle down with Berit and left the band to move to Mjondalen in Norway.

photos Crabs.JPG (40244 bytes) CRABS -  
Rochester Festival July 1981

Following the departure of Jim Yardley from The Bully Wee Band, Colin, Ian and Fergus carried on for a while as a three-piece until Martin Allcock joined later in the year. During this time Colin and Ian formed the scratch band (pun intended) Crabs. It's also short for Colin Reece And Band as it happens.
The Band were, from the left Phil Moore; keyboards: Ian Cutler; violin and vocals: Colin Reece; vocals and guitar: Nigel Downey; drums and Mick Peters; bass and vocals.
Sadly, a week or so after this picture was taken, Nigel died in a car crash. The band, not having the will to replace him, decided that was that.

photos BW publicity 1981.jpg (35971 bytes) The Bully Wee Band - 
Autumn 1981

Martin Allcock replaced Jim Yardley in The Bully Wee Band at the end of the summer 1981. Augmenting the band on fretless bass, a thing called a Quindola, basically anything with strings on and multiple fingers.
After the band split in 1983, Martin added an 'a' to his name and became Maartin Allcock of Fairport Convention, Jethro Tull and more recently Swarb's Lazarus.
To find out more about Maart and his latest projects clunk here
From the left Fergus, Martin Ian and Colin.

photos Cambridge 1982.jpg (27848 bytes) Colin with Ian Cutler - Cambridge Folk Festival Main Stage 1982

Singing 'Way Below The Tide' (Colin always liked to sit down for that one). Fergus Feely and Martin Allcock are out of shot.
It was this weekend that Ian broke the news to the rest of the band that he and his long term girlfriend Ayesha were going to marry. His initial intention was that it would make no difference to the workings of the band, but inevitably that was not the way it worked out.

photos BW to split.jpg (22804 bytes) Bully Wee To Split - 
March 1983

A rather grubby newspaper cutting from Music World, March 1983 announcing the break-up of The Bully Wee Band.
Ian had decided to settle down to marriage and a family. Realizing from the bitter experiences of fellow band members, past and present, that life on the road and marriage were not altogether compatible

photos Drammen 1983.jpg (17984 bytes) Drammen, Norway - 
August, 1983

After his departure from The Bully Wee Band, Jim Yardley had settled in Norway with his girlfriend Beret. Colin's solo travels often took him to Norway where he would meet up with his old friend and partner. Here they are together in Zorba's Bar in Drammen with another good friend Bård Olaussen probably singing 'Wonderful Tonight' - always one of Bard's favourites.
From the left - Jim, Colin and Bård.

photos Bull Rochester.jpg (25394 bytes) The Royal Victoria 
and Bull Hotel
Rochester, Kent 1984

In June 1984 Colin started a residency of every Wednesday at The Royal Victoria and Bull in Rochester, Kent. Shortly after that he was joined by guitarist supreme Steve Shorey, who he had know as one half of a Dartford Folk Club duo 'Tall Storey'. Colin and Steve clicked straight away and, in turn, were soon joined by Ian Cutler on fiddle when he moved to the area from Bromley.  Packing them in every Wednesday night for over three years.

The Royal Victoria 
and Bull Hotel
Rochester, Kent 1984 to 1987
During the three year residency, the Wednesday night sessions became the place for many local musicians to drop in to jam, do a spot or just generally be seen (as if!!).  Here with Colin and Steve we can see the arm and bass neck of Mike Peters, the back of  fine singer and local folklore authority Sue Hudson, the raised chin of another local vocalist Pam Reeney and the bowed head of melodeonist Ron Horsfield.  Others to appear over the years were singers Dave Bubb, Damien Aked and Jon Cunningham, Phil Moore on keyboards, Ian's sister Val Cutler on fiddle, Cliff Bayliss on mandolin and Tony 'Rico' Ricardo on Saxophone.  Anyone we may have forgotten, please email and we'll be happy to include you on the list.
Haugesund, Norway
December 1985
 In November/December 1985 Colin set off on one of his Norwegian tours, during which he spent a two week residency in the music bar Diks'len in Haugesund on the west coast.  Unable to sustain the Royal Vic and Bull residency back home, Steve Shorey upped sticks and joined Colin for the whole two weeks in Haugesund.  To say Colin was delighted to see him is a severe understatement.
photos broadstairs 1986.JPG (39769 bytes) Broadstairs Folk Week - Broadstairs, Kent August 1986

In the tradition of their Wednesday night residency at The Bull in Rochester, Colin and Steve, when invited to the Broadstairs Folk Week, would ignore the organisers' pleas to do a 'folky' act and invite anyone who wanted to join them, to do so for a rock session. It wasn't long before they were regularly booked each year for the specific purpose of doing precisely that.
From the left Steve Shorey, Colin, Mick Hennessy of Roaring Jelly and ex-Jack the Lad, Billy Mitchell (Then of Maxie and Mitch fame and later to replace Alan Hull as lead singer with Lindisfarne).

photos colin joins jim.jpg (36836 bytes) Colin Joins Jim Davidson - September 1987

On September 8, 1987 Colin received a phone call at home from dressing room 2 of the Princess Theatre, Torquay. The call was from Richard Digance, who had produced Colin's 1985 solo album 'Well Kept Secrets' and had been a friend since they met in the late 70s at The Brewery Folk Club.
Richard had been touring as support for Jim for about four years, but now, finding national fame in his own right, was ready to leave Jim and seek success in theatre tours of his own. This left a hole in the last forty minutes of Jim's act when Richard and John 'Smudger' Smith would accompany Jim on guitar and banjo for the musical closure of the show.

Colin joined the Jim Davidson Show in Skegness on September 15 1987.

photos warren park hotel.jpg (20628 bytes) Summer Season 1988
The Warren Park Hotel, Torquay, Devon

This pic shows a Sunday night off during the Torquay Summer Season. Colin and Smudger were staying at the Warren Park Hotel and had been asked by the management to play for the guests at the hotel during their night off from the Princess Theatre Show. "We can't pay you", they said, "but we'll supply you with all your drinks for night instead." It was a successful night and repeated the following week. Only this time Colin and Smudger were paid in cash. It was cheaper !!!
For the second appearance they were joined by Clodagh Rogers' husband Ian Sorbie on bass and local boy Jamie Darling (then only 14) on drums. Poor Jamie didn't get much of a look in on that night. An ex-drummer by the name of Jim Davidson decided he wanted a go and that was that.
Two years later Ian was invited to join Jim's band for two summer seasons and a nationwide tour. Sadly in 1992 he was diagnosed with a brain tumor and died later that year. The loss of a good man, not only for Clodagh but for the rest of us too.
The picture shows from the left Ian Sorbie on bass, Colin on guitar, Jim Davidson on drums, Smudger on guitar and sitting waiting his turn is Jamie Darling.

photos jezreels.JPG (30881 bytes) Jezreels Ceilidh Band - Gravesend Fort Gardens June 1989

Jezreels or The Jezreels Ceilidh Band are a band that have seen many line-ups since they started in the early 1980s. Between 1985 and 1990 the line-up included Colin. Here, the 1989 band is playing at a one day festival in Gravesend, Kent. From left to right they are Bob Kenward; bass guitar: Colin Reece; electric guitar and vocals: Doug Hudson; acoustic guitar, vocals and dance caller: Ron Horsfield; melodeon: Steve Moreham; violin.

photos colin & jim.jpg (22468 bytes) Colin with Jim Davidson - Great Yarmouth, Norfolk summer 1989

Colin's second summer season with Jim.
On stage at the Britannia Pier, Great Yarmouth. Probably singing Maggie.
For those who don't know who Jim is, he's the one without the guitar.



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