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Paul Rodgers
The Parrot Inn,
Surrey - 1991
This was during a period when comedian Jim Davidson wanted to go back to his days of being a drummer in a rock band.  So he  gathered up the members of his touring band, minus the drummer of course, and organised a gig at his local pub near Ewehurst in Surrey.  In the audience was a certain Paul Rodgers of Free, Bad Company and Queen fame who, when asked, readily got up and sang the socks off poor Colin (bastard!).  Great night though.  Colin's attention in this picture is being taken by the drummer hidden behind Mr Rodgers, none other Kenny Jones of Faces, Small Faces and Who fame who was drinking with Paul on the night and sat in for this session when Mr Davidson got tired.
From the left the late Ian Sorbie, Paul Rodgers and Colin.
Jim Davidson's Garden in Ewehurst,
Surrey - 1991
The band relaxing in Jim's garden during the afternoon of the above gig.  From the right is Colin (guitar and vocals), Smudger (guitar), Alan Rogers (keyboards), Ian Sorbie (bass) and Dave (Ian Sorbie's go-for).  The drummer was indoors making the tea.
photos Dee Bees.JPG (19673 bytes) The Dee Bees 
Torquay, 1992

Always keen to live by the sea, following another Summer Season with Jim, in September 1990 Colin moved to Torquay in Devon. There he teamed up with the area's premier keyboard player Ivan Jewel to form The Dee Bees.
The name comes from a comment by Ian Sorbie back in 1988. During the session at The Warren Park Hotel  he just happened to say in his broad Glaswegian accent "This band is the Dog's B#~~#cks !!" The name got abbreviated and kind of stuck to any band Colin got involved with from then on. He told his mum it stood for decibels.

photos blackpool band.jpg (50381 bytes)

To Boldly Go
Blackpool North Pier, Summer 1993

A well known Star Trek fanatic, Jim Davidson made the theme of his 1993 Summer Season in Blackpool 'To boldly go where no comedian has gone before'. Using high tech lighting, laser technology and ultra sophisticated sound systems, he presented a comedic and musical extravaganza never tried by any British comedian before.
Here the band are seen in their Trekkie uniforms which, of course, they eagerly climbed into each night. Left to right, back row first is Brian Greene; drums: Colin Reece; guitars and backing vocals: John 'Smudger' Smith; guitars, fiddle and banjo: Paul Townsend; bass. Front row: Susie Webb; backing vocals: Alan Rogers; keyboards: Jim Davidson: Ivan Jewel; keyboards: Zoe Nichols; backing vocals.

photos sam.jpg (25716 bytes)

Sam - 
31st August 1986 
to 25th September 1998

My companion, my brother, my best friend, the one living creature I could always look to for unconditional love. For nine years Sam was all of these.
Rescued from Animals In Distress in 1989 when he was two and a half years old, Sam's kidneys finally gave out in September 1998 and he had to be helped on his way to that Great Kennel In The Sky.
A message for any pet owners who dread the time when they have to take their pets to be 'put down'. Be there with them. I watched Sam go, and it was one of the most peaceful experiences of my life. Just about the saddest true, and you will cry, but I couldn't have not been there.

If you've never experienced a dog's welcome, even though you've only been gone for ten minutes, you don't know what delight is.

photos Generations.jpg (25838 bytes)

Bridging the
generation gap
April 1999

Following in Big Uncle Col's footsteps, Simon Reece was a truly accomplished guitarist from the North East of England. He was 'George Harrison' in top Beatles tribute band Beatlemania who would frequently visit Torquay's Club Rainbow during their nationwide tours.
Simon living in the North East and Colin living in the South West meant they didn't often get a chance to play together. Here is a rare moment when, after one of Simon's 'Beatle' concerts, they dropped in for a late night session at Annie's Thai Restaurant in Torquay.
Tragically Simon, a long term sufferer of clinical depression, took his own life in 2009.  Sadly missed



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