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1st guitar - around 1963 Colin and his first guitar.  Around about the "It hurts me fingers" stage.
Early Spectrum.jpg (42850 bytes) Colin with Jim & John Yardley -
around 1963.
A very early picture taken in Colin's back garden in Mitcham, Surrey.  Around about the time Colin discovered he still had a lot to learn about the guitar.  Which is why he's playing the drums!!!  The guy standing watching is a flatmate of the Yardley's at the time named Ewan Brown.
Annoying the neighbours -
around 1963.
Having secured the drummer's position in The Spectrum, the next thing to do was learn how to play them.  Much to the neighbour's dismay!!
Spectrum Albert Memorial.JPG (34573 bytes) The Spectrum 
Colin's band from 1964 to 1968.
Clockwise from the top: John Yardley; vocals and rhythm guitar: Roger Bluck; lead guitar and vocals: Dave Howard; bass guitar: Colin Reece; drums and vocals: Jim Yardley; rhythm guitar and vocals.
photos ochil terrace.jpg (107639 bytes) Colin with Roger Bluck & Jim Yardley -
around 1965.
In Jim's hometown of Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland.  From the left; Roger Bluck, Jim Yardley, Colin and the attractive young lady in the shiny green pants is Jim' girlfriend of the time Eileen Rouse
21st Birthday  - 28th September 1968 Colin being presented with the key of the door by his dad.  No idea what the big joke was.  Do they still give the key of the door these days?



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